In Italy, the Sarta is the highest title given to a professional dressmaker. This title is only awarded after years of schooling in pattern making and unpaid internship. The student known as the Sartina must have proven artistic abilities, knowledge of math and geometry, a good business acumen, and infinite sewing techniques, before they can charge for services. Our master instructor Angela Fesi-Pouliot has over forty years of experience as a Sarta for the finest fashion houses in Europe, South Africa, and the United States. 

Born in Lascari, Sicily, to a long line of dressmakers, Angela remembers sewing before she started writing. She grew up helping her mother in dressmaking and was already skilled in the art of sewing at a very young age. She attended the Le Grand Chic Fashion Designing School in her hometown of Lascari, graduating at the top of her class. She then became a custom dressmaker and tailor for the owner of Le Grand Chic's designing business, working without pay, but was considered  highest honor to a student. 

Angela later became the Assistant Director at Derbers, the top designing house in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here she mastered designing for boutiques and making masterpieces for fashion shows. A year later she became one of two designers for Debway Manufacturing, a business with a designing room for 90 workers, three production plants of 300 workers each, and numerous wholesale warehouses.

After a stint as a lingerie designer for Lyndmaid,  in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, Angela started her own business, Angela's Fashion Designing store. Here, she supervised and directed a staff of five in pattern making, grading, dressmaking, clothing alteration, re-weaving, restyling, and alterations, including furs. During this time, she also started her teaching career, and thought courses at the Vista Adult School and the Palomar College Fashion Program. Her classes included Sketching & Pattern making, Draping & Drafting, Grading, Clothing Reproduction Techniques, Clothing Alteration, Power Sewing, Bridal Design, and Couture Tailoring. 

Due to family commitments, Angela sold her profitable business and opened Angela's Academy of Apparel and Home Art, enabling her to work from home while raising her family. She eventually renamed it Sew Italiano, which better represents her Italian style of couture tailoring. She currently teaches at Mira Costa College, to small groups around San Diego, and also private lessons at her studio.

Angela is grateful for the opportunity to help students realize their talents and creativity and creating beautiful garments as the end result.