For a proper completion of this program an estimated 300 hours of class time is required, broken into 150 hours of step by step demonstration and 150 hours of lab time. Students will be responsible for supplying their own tools, equipment, supplies and materials for class and homework.

During this fabulous learning process, students will also be taught about fibers, fabrics, notions, suppliers, manufactures, buyers, sales representatives and networking. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. Students may also organize a fashion show of their own featuring their own original designs.

During this course students will be taught the basic designing and manufacturing process and will cover the following arts:

  • Sketching
    • lothing selection, color, fabric, notions, creating garments using personal ideas, reproduction of best selling or favorite garments, market analysis and planning in relation to cost and profit.
  • Pattern Making
    • ethods will include: draping, drafting, flat pattern making and knock-off reproduction.
  • Grading Techniques
    • Will be taught using the manual and line methods to proportionally increase and decrease the master pattern according to a prescribed set of body measurements as well as custom measurements.
  • Marking
    • Marking for original sample and production. 
  • Cutting
    • utting with different tools and methods.
  • Sorting
    • orting and preparation for construction. 
  • Sewing
    • asic and advanced sewing techniques using various equipment and methods. 
  • Pressing & Finishing Off
    • Pressing and finishing off with domestic and commercial equipment and techniques.