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Whether it is a tailored suit, a one of a kind dress, or a simple top, the Italians have a way of making fashion and style look effortless. The secret lies with skilled professionals who transform fabric and thread into finely tailored clothes that stand the test of time for their quality and style. Now the same level of expertise is available to you in Southern California. Whether you are interested in learning the basics of sewing, improving your technique or becoming a trained professional, Sew Italiano can help you with all levels of sewing skills.

In Italy a dressmaker is called a Sarta, which is the highest title given to a professional dressmaker. The title of is awarded after years of schooling in pattern making and years of unpaid internships. The Sartina (student) must prove they have artistic abilities, a business mind, knowledge of math and geometry and infinite sewing techniques before they can charge for their services. For 40 years I have worked as a Sarta in the finest fashion houses in Europe, South Africa and the United States.

Today, my specialty is to share my experience with others and train people in the art of dressmaking. After working for many years for corporations as a successful dressmaker, all the while raising a family, I can now focus on my passion…teaching the art of sewing. Whether you are a novice or advanced sewer, I can help you gain the skills you desire. My classes span from teaching beginners how to sew to teaching highly advanced skills for a future in fashion and apparel design.

A good dressmaker has an engineering mind,
artistic eye, skillful hands, business acumen
and a very fulfilled self!

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  1. I was in yardage town today and see you are teaching a class soon! I didn’t ask if enough have signed up to make a class. I’m very interested. My schedule is flexible.


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